What is Extend Chrome?

Extend Chrome is a GitHub organization dedicated to making Chrome extension development smarter.

Better Build Tools

Check out our low-config Chrome extension bundling solution, rollup-plugin-chrome-extension.
It extracts files from the Chrome extension manifest, so adding new files is as easy as updating your manifest.json.

The reviewers will love your bundle, because Rollup produces a human readable build. This means less of a chance to get a false rejection for obfuscation, just because the reviewer can't understand your bundled code.

Smarter Messages and Storage

Take advantage of TypeScript with our Chrome extension message and storage libraries. Both are fully typed, so you can define message types and even split your storage into typed buckets.

Easier Testing

Mock the Chrome API with jest-chrome. This library provides a full mock of the Chrome API. Just define your function implementation and you're ready to go!